My Getaway Stay in New Hampshire

Hi everyone! Wow, it’s been a WHILE. Sorry for disappearing. Winter got me good and the only thing I could do when I wasn’t at work was sleep and eat. It’s officially Spring, the sun has been out for more than 5 minutes and I’m thriving already. I’m so excited to finally start pumping content out for you guys! (I hate the word content, I’m so sorry I just used it)

Myself, my girlfriend and our best friends packed up our cars with our dogs and a LOT of alcohol and headed to New Hampshire for President’s Day Weekend. Every year in January/February we try and rent a cabin of some sort for the weekend, tucked away in the woods somewhere along the East Coast to escape from the world with our pups and hang out, stress free. This year we stayed at a Getaway House and it did not disappoint.

Our tiny home for the weekend!

Getaway House is a company that buys large areas of land throughout the U.S. (NY, Boston, DC, Atlanta, soon LA) and builds multiple little tiny homes scattered throughout the property. The entire purpose is to find yourself nestled in nature while disconnecting from your ever day life. I can tell you, they live up just that.

I’m a tiny home whore. I think they’re so freaking cute and I want to stay in as many as possible before I die. As soon as we pulled up to ours, I was in love. We were surrounded by trees, snow and there was even a fire pit outside. Once we stepped in, my jaw hit the floor. The way they are able to fit so much functionality into such a tiny little space blows my mind. Not only that but each of Getaway House’s are made with one huge window overlooking endless trees. This was one of my favorite parts.

Upon arrival, they had the cutest little Bark Box laid on out a table full of toys and treats for the dogs. There was a smores kit, an adorable welcome letter and a box to lock your phone in so you can get the true disconnect experience.

The house has just about everything you could possibly need. They have olive oil, salt, pepper, pots, pans, etc. Anything random that you aren’t sure about they have listed here on their website so you can be sure! We went shopping for things we could easily cook or make over the fire and it was perfect! They also have little provisions like soups, granola and beef jerky for purchase if you want to wing it! You can also find cards and a speaker so you’re entertained while relaxing.

We spent our time eating, going on walks, drinking, sitting by the fire and relaxing. There really is no way to describe how nice it is to be surrounded by nothing but the people who make you the happiest (yes, that includes our dogs).

We popped into the local brewing company which was dog friendly and totally walkable from the tiny home site! It’s called Blasty Bough Brewing Company. If you like beer like us, you’ll LOVE this place. I highly suggest grabbing one of their flights of 8, playing some of the board games they have and enjoying each other’s company!

This experience is one I’ll never forget and I can’t wait to keep checking out Getaway House’s locations all over! I felt refreshed, centered and had the fullest heart. I cannot stress enough how amazing and relaxing it is!

Getaway House wanted me to hook you guys up with the discount code ‘KATE35‘ for $35 off your first stay with them! Let me know if you have any questions that I can answer in the comments below!

Here are some random questions a lot of people ask:
Is there a shower?
Yes and a toilet!
Do they make them for two people?
Yes! They’re so cute and extra cozy.
Did four people feel crammed?
Not at all! they make the space so livable and spacey!
Is there cell service if I don’t want to lock my phone away?
Yes, totally! I actually didn’t lock my phone away at all. Had to capture the mems, yanno?
Can you see other people?
We were there in winter so the trees were bare! I definitely think that played a huge part in HOW visible the other homes were near us. Regardless, I never felt close to other people – if that makes sense! We felt super secluded and in the woods, even though we weren’t too far out!
What if I need to contact someone for help?
Upon check in, Getaway House provides you with a number to text all weekend should you need any assistance or have any questions at all. They were SUPER quick to respond and so helpful.